For the fourth game of the main series, see Wizardry IV: The Return of Werdna


Wizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart (Japanese: ウィザードリィ・外伝IV: 胎魔の鼓動, Uiza-dorii Gaiden IV: Taima no Kodō), published in 1996 by ASCII, for the Nintendo Super Famicom video game system.

Like it's predecessor, Wizardry Gaiden III: Scripture of the Dark, Throb of the Demon's Heart keeps integrating Wizardry VI: Bane of the Cosmic Forge elements into it's engine:

  • Added the Felpurr race.
  • Added the Psionic and Monk classes.
  • Added distinct equipment slots for both hands allowing for dual-wielding, shield-bearing and the distinction between one-handed and two-handed weapons.
  • The Ninja class is no longer able to equip heavier weapons and armor, but instead can keep it's natural AC reduction even if it do wear light armor.
  • Added a Psionic school of spells.

Like it's predecessors the game moves to a new setting, Hiren (緋蓮, Scarlet Lotus), based on pre-Imperial Japan.

Spell list Edit

The spell lists for Mages and Priests are identical to those in Curse of the Ancient Emperor.

Spells not present in Wizardry Gaiden III are in Bold.
Spells present in Wizardry Gaiden III, but on a different level are in Italics.

The following Psionic spells were taken from other schools in Gaiden III:

Level Mage spells Priest spells Alchemist spells Psionic spells
1 Dumapic (Camp)
Halito (Combat)
Katino (Combat)
Mogref (Combat)
Badios (Combat)
Dios (Any time)
Milwa (Any time)
Porfic (Combat)
Oslo (Any time)
Ponti (Combat)
Nolis (Combat)
Nagra (Combat)
Sios (Combat)
Diomas (Any time)
Poba (Combat)
Genes (Any time)
2 Bolatu (Combat)
Dilto (Combat)
Melito (Combat)
Sogref (Combat)
Calfo (Looting)
Matu (Combat)
Kandi (Camp)
Montino (Combat)
Liquera (Combat)
Nofis (Combat)
Nagus (Combat)
Fisqurea (Combat)
Rios (Combat)
Diafic (Camp)
Calko (Camp)
Kalras (Any time)
3 Cortu (Combat)
Kantios (Combat)
Mahalito (Combat)
Morlis (Combat)
Bamatu (Combat)
Dialko (Any time)
Latumapic (Any time)
Lomilwa (Any time)
Dalqurea (Combat)
Kantiqurea (Combat)
Maoslo (Any time)
Ziofic (Any time)
Lorks (Combat)
Nabais (Conversation)
Mapoba (Combat)
Reimar (Combat)
4 Lahalito (Combat)
Litofeit (Any time)
Rokdo (Combat)
Tzalik (Combat)
Bariko (Combat)
Dial (Any time)
Latumofis (Any time)
Maporfic (Any time)
Kaniqua (Combat)
Fofisc (Any time)
Darlis (Combat)
Banoka (Combat)
Masios (Combat)
Buredeim (Combat)
Kuremar (Combat)
Badumas (Combat)
5 Bacortu (Combat)
Madalto (Combat)
Palios (Any time)
Socordi (Combat)
Badi (Combat)
Bamordi (Combat)
Di (Camp)
Dialma (Any time)
Maliqua (Combat)
Laniqua (Combat)
Morfis (Any time)
Galdi (Combat)
Zakaldi (Combat)
Makalma (Camp)
Hakanido (Combat)
Dalosto (Combat)
6 Ladalto (Combat)
Lazalik (Combat)
Lokara (Combat)
Zilwan (Combat)
Labadi (Combat)
Loktofeit (Any time)
Madi (Any time)
Mogato (Combat)
Bamoqua (Combat)
Kadios (Any time)
Matokani (Combat)
Zilfe (Camp)
Caldu (Camp)
Mamorlis (Combat)
Madios (Any time)
Burenes (Combat)
7 Mahaman (Combat)
Malor (Any time)
Mawxiwtz (Combat)
Tiltowait (Combat)
Bakadi (Combat)
Kadorto (Camp)
Mabariko (Combat)
Madial (Any time)
Madalqua (Combat)
Gureniqua (Combat)
Calnova (Looting)
Alikus (Combat)
Gultomas (Combat)
Nosbadi (Camp)
Lasios (Combat)
Ihalon (Camp)

The following spells were removed outright: