Dios is the basic healing spell in the Wizardry games of the Llylgamyn Saga. It is a rare occurance to see a Level 1 priest who does not know Dios. The meaning of "dios" is "heal".

The syllable "Di" appears in all healing spells, and is also a resurrection spell in its own right.

Sometimes, items can be found in the maze which have the effect of Dios. Practically, they are named "Bag of Dios" or "Scroll of Dios".

Spell facts Edit

Name: Dios (Level 1 Priest Spell)

Meaning : Heal

Type: Any time

Affects: 1 Person

Effect: Restores 1-8 hit points to a character


The Wizardry games are brutal for low level parties, and Dios is the only reliable tool new parties have to extend their dungeon crawls beyond one encounter. Wizardry is brutal, and this bears repeating because while rolling a d8 in real life gives you equal odds to restore 8hp and 1hp, Wizardry skews your rolls heavily in the direction of 1hp. That being said, Dios has two distinct levels of usefulness.

In low level parties, Dios can be the difference between life and death, between getting your thief back to the inn and paying close to 500 gold to have the priests of Kadorto turn him into Ashes. Since enemies on the highest levels of the dungeon tend to deal manageable damage, Dios does a good job of keeping your party alive long enough to start mapping out some of the floor.

Once your party is a high enough level to risk bringing themselves back from the dead Dios becomes something to do with those 9 1st level spells. The other choices you have when using up those spells (from Wizardry I to V at least) are deliberate wastes of time and spell charges.


  • Dios is a spanish word for "god".