Dial is the next healing spell above Dios .  It can heal roughly twice as much damage as Dios.

The syllable "Di" appears in all healing spells, and is also a resurrection spell in its own right.

Dial spells can be found in the dungeon in the form of scrolls as well.

Spell facts Edit

Name: Dial (Level 4 Priest Spell)

Meaning : Heal more

Type: Any time

Affects: 1 Person

Effect: Restores 2-16 hit points to a character


All healing spells are useful, no matter what RPG you're playing.  They let you continue adventuring long after your party should've otherwise been dead.

However, just like with Dios, Dial's odds of giving a really good healing "roll" seem to be skewed in favor of lower numbers.  That being said, it still tends to be significantly more than the lower-level healing spell.

By the time your priest learns Dial, the relief will be enormous at not having to cast all of his Dios spells, rest to get them back, and then cast them all again twice more, just to completely heal the party after every outing. About the time the frustration kicks in again, the busy priest will learn Dialma .


  • Dios is a spanish word for "god".