A Priest spell that might raiset a dead character in the Wizardry games of the Llylgamyn Saga.

It is only a level 5 spell, sounds great right? Now you don't have to pay for raising at the Temple of Cant! However, the success of the Di spell depends on the Devotion or Piety stat and Level of the caster, AND the Luck stat of the character being raised. The Temple has a higher success rate, because theoretically your characters are being raised by G'Bli Dgook.

Unfortunately, the spell does not always work. It attempts resurrection. If it fails, the dead character will be turned to Ashes.

The syllable "Di" appears in all healing spells.

Spell FactsEdit

Name: Di

Meaning : Life

Type: Camp

Affects: 1 Person

Effect: attemps to resurrect a dead character